Effects of Drinking Alcohol on International Students Essay

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The following research plan aims to examine the effects of drinking alcohol on international students. It is well known that alcohol can have negative consequences. This report details what information is already published on the topic, specifically regarding International students, and will attempt to spot gaps in the current literature. This study is being conducted in WA, but examines students mainly studying in the United States, although it also includes other countries.

What effect does religion have on international students drinking habits? Religion is closely tied to morals and values, and people with high spiritual values usually have a lot more self control than non spiritual people. Based on the available literature,
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One way of measuring how much students will adhere to their religious beliefs is monitoring their attendance at “church” or the ethnic equivalent. While attending religious gatherings students are exposed to sermons, texts, religious education classes, and are also exposed to perceived norms regarding drinking within their own religion. Research shows that this can have a very big impact on their conscience. Understandably, young minds are worried about what people from their own ethnic/religious background think of them and feel compelled to conform, or risk being ostracized. Going to church or other ethnic/religious events is a way many students stay connected to their roots and origin. It gives them a connection to home that is lacking for many international students while studying abroad.

How does stress affect international students drinking habits? It is well know that many people use alcohol to cope with stress. Many studies show that international students are under more stress than the local student population, due largely to culture shock. A study done by Park, Armeli and Tennen (2004) Examines stress motivated drinking habits in international students in America. They conducted a study by using a survey that one hundred and twenty seven students filled out every day for twenty eight days. The results showed that students routinely drank more on days that they perceived to have a higher level of stress. They also commented on the fact that individual

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