Essay about Effective Leadership and Social Identity Theory

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There are many definitions with regards to leadership, but what defines 'effective leadership' and how is it evaluated? Chemers (2000) explained that effective leadership is "follower satisfaction and group performance." (p. 28) G. Yukl expalined "there is no correct definition of leadership; it is only a matter of how useful it is increasing our understanding of effective leadership."(Yukl) How does an organization establish effective leadership? While some leaders of organizations direct considerable resources to find, train, and mentor managers to be effective leaders, many leaders of organizations put little research into the subject of effective leadership. Whatever the organization's policy on selecting the leadership group is, …show more content…
Organizations want and expect their employees to understand the company's vision, and be able to carry out the vision effectively and ethically. The significance of studying leadership empirically as a dynamic group identity rather than as an individual prospect can further an organization's understanding of what constitutes effective leadership, with the added benefit of creating an environment in which employees can earn a living in an environment that is mutually beneficial to the group, as well as the individual. It is useful to identify the definition of leadership, and to understand the construction of the definition. Even though there are many definitions of leadership, the essence of the various definitions consistently describe the leader as an individual who can effectively relate to and cause a group of followers to meet a goal. An individual relates to the self image of who they are whereas a group, which consists of more than three individuals, interacting with one another relates to the social image. Social psychology can effectively evaluate and study leadership within the constructs of social image. Hogg and Abrams wrote in 1990 that social psychology's focus was on the behavior of the individual and the interaction of that individual's behavior within a group (p. 3). Hence the definition of social psychology is" the scientific study of human behavior" (p. 8). This study of human

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