Essay on Edward R. Murrow and Changing the Face of Communication

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Since the beginning of broadcast journalism, there has been one person credited with revolutionizing the field. This was Edward R. Murrow, also known as Mr. Television. Murrow set the highest standard for the reporting of news on radio and television. He broadcast stories that other journalists of the time would not even touch for fear of blacklisting. His facts were solid, his scope thorough, his analysis on target, and his principles uncompromised (Edwards 7). He was also fearless when it came to challenging leaders who he felt were abusing their power, including Senator Joseph McCarthy. Murrow ushered in the modern age of reporting by basically creating the radio and television journalism medium and by openly using these mediums to …show more content…
Murrow is also to thank for creating the format in which news is presented on both television and radio. As a only a true pioneer could, he hand-picked a team of men to be foreign correspondents alongside him and trained them on how to present live radio stories. Those who were known as “Murrow Boys” were taught his unique way of reporting foreign news for radio which was to say, “what is happening, how does it relate to the American, how does the common man feel,” (Cozma 669). In fact, the format of a broadcaster from “New York (or the area of origin of the radio station) pitching to reporters live in other locations is a format still widely used today,” (Cozma 668). It is clear that Murrow was not just the best, but he was also the original. After the war, Murrow continued to utilize the radio as his main medium of reporting. He began to utilize is reporting skills to create radio documentaries and soon even had his own weekly radio show Hear It Now. However as the prominence of television soon began to arise, Murrow started lending his voice--and also his face--to the CBS Evening News. His weekly radio show also made the leap to television and was aptly renamed See It Now. Like with Hear It Now, See It Now would address issues facing America and the world each week--some more controversial than others. This eventually led to Murrow producing a series of episodes about Senator

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