Education Reform Essay

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Education Reform The educational system of New York City is in a state of turmoil at this point. There are a number of teachers, many students are failing and most parents have lost faith in our unqualified educational system. This brings us to the question of who is responsible for the problems and how can we rectify our educational system through the use of school reform.

According to Webster’s Dictionary , the definition of the word school is a place for teaching and learning(218). There are a group of persons devoted to similar principles. In other words, a school is where someone goes to learn and be taught. The schools start to break down and fail when children are not learning and teachers are not relaying the
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If proper budgeting and allocation of funds is done there should not be any problems. One can get the sense that tax dollars are being totally wasted and used on things and people that they are not supposed to be used on. A lot of individuals in general believe that there are many inequalities in school spending and this does have an effect on the states role. Some educators believe that a school should be funded according to the quality of education it provides.
So if it is a highly ranked and successful school, then they would receive a lot of monetary support as opposed to a failing school that is not making the grade. I totally disagree with this notion because all schools need to receive proper funding to maintain their services. Everyone should receive a fixed amount of money to use for students, services, and programs. The schools should practice proper budgeting guidelines and assign the monies where they belong.

Charter schools use a form of child based funding where the school districts are not involved in taxing and they provide necessary services to schools on a competetive basis. The charter school itself is a highly controversial yet very successful alternative to public schools. They provide unique services nap deliver them in ways that the traditional public schools do not offer. Charter schools serve a disproprtionate number of students traditionally considered to be at risk or low achievers. These

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