Economic Factors and Practices in India Essay

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Education is an economic factor that has led towards the domestic violence towards women in India. “Domestic violence was defined as any reported violence, either physical or psychological, perpetrated by a husband against his wife.”(Jeyaseelan et al., 658) Wives were often beaten by their husband just because the wife was more educated than him and earns more money than her husband. However, when husbands had higher levels of education in India, wives had fewer chances of being abused. (Jeyaseelan et al., 663) A feminist would respond that education has a major impact on the violence against women because when a woman is more educated than her husband, the husband would abuse her to keep his wife under his control and power whereas when …show more content…
(Jeyaseelan et al., 663-664) It also suggested that women still had the risk of being abused even when the husbands did not consume alcohol since they had poor education levels. (Jeyaseelan et al., 665) A feminist would respond that all the economic factors are interconnected to each other as each of them directs towards the violence to women in India and the presence of any one economic factor increases the risk for the women to be violated by their husband. Therefore, in order to reduce the abuse completely, a woman needs to have a husband that does not consume alcohol, has high levels of education and the one that has enough finance to buy household appliances. Identifying an abuse as an abuse is an economic factor that guided in the direction of the abuse to women in India. Surveys resulted that “Indian women may be unlikely to label abusive experiences as such; women have a more accurate perception of domestic violence are more likely to seek help”. (Tichy et al., 552) Women of India were less likely to identify an abuse as an abuse, so there were fewer chances for them to ask for help as they were unaware of the violence. Since they were unable to recognize violence as violence, most of them had symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and were likely to

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