Economic Changes During the Industrial Revolution Essay

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Economic changes brought about the Industrial Revolution which directly affected the social structure and social values of most Americans.(pg. 248 Patch) This changed American life and what it means to be America. It also created a massive gap between rich and poor threatened American freedom. Consequently the revolution made the industrialist the middle class and the business man the high class was. As a result during the early Republic period the workers went through hell to earn a living but came out on top in the end.
The emergence of the textile industry depended on several factors it needed the business man with access to capital, a large quantity of cheap workers, land, and a reliable source of energy. (pg. 231 Ch. 9)The cheapest
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They had no laws to ensure their safety and no taxes to improve their conditions. Most industrial workers worked anywhere from ten to twelve hours a day. They earned forty percent less than someone living an average life style.
The third group was immigrant workers who eventually pushed out the women and children. Sam Patch was a factory worker that became a dare devil. He would protest against the factory owners who thought they could do what they wanted and not have any push back from the factory workers. When he felt the rules were unfair he staged a jump. Change was not something the workers wanted to do so change was not accepted. However even though he protested the factory owners he still had pride, honor and respect for his job as a spinner. He had no special treatment from the owners he was treated like everyone else in the factory. The workers, on the other hand were grateful for him because he was the voice for the workers.
Once the slave trade began they became the last group of workers that replaced the immigrant workers. Slaves were heavily dependent on during this time. Being a slave was hard back breaking labors which lead to slaves rebelling, running away and escaping to get to freedom. The revolution induced a demand for free rather than slavish labor. For this reason slavery was no longer an economic benefit. Slavery was eventually banned. Thus the slaves were set free and given some rights.
The transportation industry and textile had to keep up

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