Early Christian Art Essay

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The most influential theme in art for centuries was that of religion. There have been many things that have influenced art over the generations. Nothing has had the impact on the art world that religions has. Many of the ancient art works were dedicated to the gods or other religious figures. The statues of the Ancient Egyptians were not just for beauty. Instead, they were representations of the gods and were meant to have significant meaning to the people who saw them. The people of the time knew the meaning of every reed, flower, bird, or animal that was depicted in the art. The same is true of the Greeks and Romans. Most of the art was inspired by the gods and the mythology of the region. Art as a way of imparting a message dominates …show more content…
In Christian art this is meant to symbolize that God is bestowing a blessing on the person. It is often seen with images of the Virgin Mary. This pattern did not change with the Dutch and German masters who made some of the great religion themed artworks. One of the paintings examined is The Entombment of Christ painted in 1490 by Master of the Virgo inter Virgines. The painting is a depiction of the body of Jesus being moved from the cross to the tomb he will rise from. All of the figures in the painting have large heads and small hands. A woman and two men are carrying the body of Jesus to the tomb which is being opened by two small men. According to the St. Louis Museum, the people carrying the body of Jesus are Mary Magdalene and Nicodemus, and Joseph of Arimathea (St. Louis Art Museum). They are following a small path that apparently leads from the hill with the cross to the hill with the cave. The figures are not alone as there are a group of people following behind them. The rode divides the two sides of the painting making a separation between the site where Jesus died and the cave he will rise from. The tops of the two hills differ since the hill with the crosses is barren rock topped by the three crosses. The hill with the cave is green and is topped by trees. The city of Jerusalem can be seen in the far background of the painting. On the hill with the crosses the bodies of the two men who were crucified with Jesus are

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