E-Commerce Makes Life Better ! Essay

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E-Commerce Makes Life Better !

E-commerce means that the company runs their business online, not like the traditional business way. We have to go the shopping mall or store to get goods that we need, E-Business is the enabling of electronic communication between any two or more participants in a business relationship. It helps companies capture abroad business field, cost saving, and market opportunity. E-commerce is an important factor that is making people’s lives more efficient.

This is the report according to the survey I did in IUP. Seven out of ten people say they prefer to buy goods from e-commerce. The reason is they said that it is convenient and time saving. According to the survey
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She said the security system is good. According to the information I get from the e-commerce security system, it is not easy to hack into the customer information page, if the hacker can do that he or she must be very familiar with the security system. For an example, such as the person who creates the security system or some of the company workers who sell their customer information. So far nothing happen to her credit card. If you found you credit card being stolen you can report to the credit card company and they will hold the money. You won’t face any loses, in order to prevent your credit card information from leaking out, so you cannot save you personal detail on the web page. It to makes sure that your credit card will not be use by others.

According to the survey, instruction from the e-commerce is easy to understand. This means the instruction will show you step by step how to purchase goods, as long as you follow the instruction then you will get the product you need from the Internet. You just need a computer and a modem, and then you can buy things without stepping out from your house. That is very convenient for those people who are very busy. Such as housewives those who need to take care of their children and housewives with full time job in certain companies. Moreover, we can get most of the goods we need from e-commerce, it list out all the detail for the product so we can clearly understand that it is the product you

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