. E. B. Dubois, of the Dawn of Freedom: a Synopsis and Critical Discussion

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W. E. B. Dubois, Of the Dawn of Freedom: A synopsis and critical discussion

William Edward Burghardt Dubois' work, The Souls of Black Folk, gave a critical discuss of the early, twentieth century through the eyes of the Negro. Although many have limited this work to Dubois' argument of, The Talented Tenth, it should be noted that Dubois' work encompasses much more than that. The purpose of the essay is to summarize and give a critical eye to W. E. B. Dubois' Of the Dawn of Freedom.

In the first line of this work Dubois, states the now famous and words that would be reiterated by most Black intellectuals and social scientist of the twentieth and now early twenty-first century, "THE
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by a grant of unconstitutional power. The argument gathered tremendous strength South and North; but its very strength was its weakness. For, argued the plain common-sense of the nation, if it is unconstitutional, unpractical, and futile for the nation to stand guardian over its helpless wards, then there is left but one alternative,—to make those wards their own guardians by arming them with the ballot. Moreover, the path of the practical politician pointed the same way; for, argued this opportunist, if we cannot peacefully reconstruct the South with white votes, we certainly can with black votes. So, justice and force joined hands."

Dubois is basically stating that, the removal of the Freedmen's Bureau, was the reason the fifteenth amendments existence.

My critical analysis of Dubois' Of the Dawn of Freedom, is the Freedmen's Bureau, can be compared to FEMA when it came getting aid to Blacks, after the Civil War. Although, the Freedmen's Bureau did, do a better job when it came to giving those in need, it was able to do this at the bare minimum (due to minimum aid from the government). A similarity among the two organizations is that FEMA members (IE: Michael Brown) and members of the Bureau (Pierce) were incompetent of the needs of the organization and/or the people that they were serving. Pierce's mismanagement

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