E. Coli Paper

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Research Paper on E.Coli

Paper Summary: This article is written about the issues regarding E.coli being found in meat that is being sold to consumers in stores nation wide. Each section looks at a different department and what efforts they are making to try and prevent further cases of E.coli in meat products.

Culprit in Article: the Company that is considered the culprit in this article and is the one who has been accused for the selling of the frozen hamburger that paralyzed Ms. Smith from the waist down was Cargill. Even though Cargill is one big company they sale meat products under fifteen different brands nation wide. Currently Cargill has made huge improvements is trying to make there meat packing facilities safer and
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One was that the fact that just because some of the meat company’s opposed industry wide mandatory testing, the USDA would not make it required by all meat suppliers. Even though they say the cost of this testing would be unfair to the smaller company’s I feel it should still be enforced even if it makes some of the smaller company’s go out of business, because this would make all the meat products sold safer to consume. Along the lines of testing with they’re not being any federal regulations, the meat company’s can create their own testing standards or if they wanted to have none at all which to me is rather unbelievable and unsafe. I know the USDA does its spot checks at facilities nation wide but that is by far not efficient enough to really help control the outbreak of bacteria like E.coli. How Companies are Fighting E.coli: even though testing is not enforced nation wide at all factories the meat industry still does a pretty good job of catching almost all cases of E.coli. According to data from the Agricultural Research Service, as many as 100 percent of lots of cattle may test positive for E. coli O157:H7 when they arrive at packing plants, alarming as this statistic is thanks to many food safety technologies used by the meat packing industry, E. coli O157:H7 is removed during processing and is found in ground beef less than 1 percent of the time. So without the

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