Essay about Duties of Fidelity

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Ross prima facie duties speak of fidelity, reparation, gratitude, justice, beneficence, non- maleficence and self-improvement. Even though Ross has explained each duties, it is still uncertain that how these duties can be implied in marketing activities. If we look at each duty, it is not easy to implement every duty in a situation unless it demands so. One has a prima facie duty (not) to do a certain action if and only if there is some moral demand for one (not) to do it (Baumrin, 1965). Therefore in order to execute these duties, understanding the circumstances is very important. It is understood that prima facie duties are expressions referring to a characteristic by certain individual act-tokens rather than by certain act-types …show more content…
Customers can be made happy by repairing the damaged product for free or can be replaced with new one.
Duties of gratitude can be done to the loyal customers, wholesalers or retailers. That is, the company has obligations to the people who have helped them in their success. It can be shown to customers by selling at discount, free samples or gifts for the middle men. Providing incentives to the workers or middle men will be a positive emotion expressed to their hard work or effort (Cohen, 2006). Implementing duty of gratitude can make them more satisfied as well.
The Duties of justice is to avoid misdistribution of merits or happiness. Even though some of the prima facie duties are binding than others, it should be noted that by keeping up other promises happiness are not lead in wrong way (Robinson, 2010). In internal affairs duties of justice can be implemented by rewarding people who worked hard for the success not only by looking on their position in the company. Sometimes people are honoured based on power than their efforts as everyone expect return for what they did.
Duties of beneficence are the duties to do things that can benefit others. Making customers knowledgeable about the product can benefit them in choosing the right product. Making products little bit extra can be advantageous to customers. In case of consumable products it should be noted that customers are aware about the

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