Duffy Published Mrs Midas Several Years Before Its Inclusion in The

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Duffy Published Mrs Midas Several Years Before Its Inclusion in The
Worlds Wife To What Extent do you agree With the View That, In Terms of Subject Matter and Style, This poem is Key to the Whole Collection?

As ‘Mrs Midas’ was published several years before ‘The Worlds Wife’ was you may think that this poem may be the key to all the others within the collection as Duffy would have been able to build the collection on the base that ‘Mrs Midas’ set with its views on male weakness and female superiority.

Indeed this poem has a lot of links to other poems through their different subject matters and also they have very similar uses of different styles and devices used in poetry.

‘Mrs Midas’ is about a woman who finds out that
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The themes of male weakness and female strength are in practically all of the poems within the collection which makes me think that this poem is the key poem within the collection. There are a lot of links between the poems through the same kinds of theme that are in different poems but there are also differences in themes between ‘Mrs Midas’ and other poems within the collection such as ‘The Devil’s Wife’.

However ‘Mrs Midas’ does have links to ‘Queen Herod’, ‘Eurydice’,
‘Queen Kong’, ‘Mrs Faust’, ‘Little Red Cap’ and ‘Mrs Quasimodo’ and
‘The Kray Sisters’ to name a few. ‘Queen Herod’ has links to ‘Mrs
Midas’ because of the theme of motherhood throughout the poem or the lack of it in ‘Mrs Midas’ as all she ever wanted was a child but now she cant because of King Midas’ “pure selfishness”: “I dreamt I bore his child, its perfect ore limbs, its little tongue like a precious latch” as her “dream-milk burned” in her breasts. This joined theme between the two poems is a strong indication that ‘Mrs Midas’ was a key poem that Duffy used while creating ‘Queen Herod’. Both
‘Eurydice’ and ‘Queen Kong’ have links with ‘Mrs Midas’ because of the theme of forced separation within all three poems. In ‘Eurydice’
Eurydice dies and is forced to come back by Orpheus but because of her superior female mind she is able to out smart him into turning back to look at her which meant he lost her forever, this is forced separation even though it is what

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