Dreams: Nightmares The Myths & Facts About It! Essay

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     When we go to bed at night we close our eyes and hope we have a great dream. What happens when the dream is not so pleasant? Instead you have a horrible dream called a nightmare. Nightmares can be very disturbing. When it comes to the human mind, it is hard for us to know why it acts a certain way, but we can always try to learn.
     Everyone has had a nightmare one time or another maybe when they were a child or even as an adult. But what happens when the nightmares are
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     Stressful periods in adults lives, such as times of examinations, jobs, exchanges, moves, or the loss of significant persons, may produce or increase nightmares. The one generalization that seems to hold true for nightmare sufferers is that their nightmares almost always involve the feeling of helplessness. Most often helplessness dating from childhood, the most frequent situation in their nightmares involve being chased, attacked, thrown off a cliff, or generally it is the dreamer who is the danger and utterly powerless, not someone else. A decrease or sometimes a cessation of adult nightmares usually occurs as the dreamer feels more confident, more mature, and thus less close to the helpless feeling of childhood.
     Some myths about nightmares have been that demons or evil spirits produce nightmares. There isn’t any solid evidence that eating something disagreeable will cause them. Recent evidence also contradicts another widely held view that a lack of oxygen gives rise to nightmares. Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder in which air does not get through the throat to the lungs of the sleeper because of some obstruction at the back of the throat. This may happen a hundred or more times in one night. The chest and abdomen of the sleeper heave but no air gets through, and after ten or twenty seconds there is a brief awakening, allowing normal breathing

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