Dramatic Moments in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Dramatic Moments in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

The last scene in 'Romeo and Juliet' is full of dramatic interest. This scene excites an already anxious audience, who by now are desperate to discover the fate of these 'star-crossed lovers'. In this final scene the depth of Romeo and Juliet's love for each other is confirmed when it is realised that they are truly prepared to die rather than live without each other. Nonetheless, Shakespeare keeps his audience guessing and hoping to the end. They are plagued with questions: Will Romeo arrive in time? Will Juliet wake before it is too late? How will Juliet cope with Romeo's death? What will happen in Verona once the double suicide is
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Shakespeare makes the most of this brief moment of tension. The audience's sense of the dramatic is intensified because they know that Juliet is alive and they are desperate for her to wake and put Romeo out of his misery. The audience hopes that some twist of fate will make everything alright. They cannot bear the fact that he Romeo has taken his eyes off her and may, therefore, miss any signs of life and so remain glued to the performance.

This 'edge of the seat' atmosphere was highly entertaining for the Shakespearian audience, particularly the more intelligent amongst them, who enjoyed exercising their minds by 'second guessing' the plot and revelled in the coincidences that Shakespeare weaves into his stories. Modern audiences, who have a greater choice of entertainment, and are perhaps more used to watching rather than thinking and listening, might be more critical of the structure of events that have lead Romeo and Juliet to this tomb. Nonetheless both audiences will respond to the drama of this love story.

In the minds of the audience Romeo's last words, 'here's to my love', end the audience's final hope of Juliet awakening in time to save her lover. Once he takes the poison the audience knows it's too late for Romeo, but the tension remains, as it switches to a question of how Juliet will react when she discovers Romeo's corpse. I think that Baz

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