Dracula and the Mafia Essay example

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“If we fail in this our fight he must surely win; and then where end we? Life is nothings…but to fail here is not mere life or death. It is that we become as him; that we hence forward become foul things of the night like him–without heart or conscience, preying on the bodies and the souls of those we love best” (Stoker 253). With these words Van Helsing explains that it is a human impulse to destroy the other out of fear of becoming the other. Dracula’s otherness frightens Van Helsing because he represents the destruction of human moral. If he does not kill the other, he will ultimately become the other capable of infinite evils. If we are to remain as moral individuals we must beat “the other” which seeks to destroy us. In essence it is …show more content…
On top of the “bad boy” attitude, Dracula and the Mafia are both immigrants within the communities they infect which most likely infuriate the native men. Men like knowing that when they have a lover (such as a wife or girlfriend) that they will not loose them to another, especially not a foreigner or outsider for that would be the greatest insult. This brings me to the point of otherness. People fear the unknown, and if a strange man with a lot of power who is known to be somewhat of a Casanova enters their community, it instills a feeling of uncertainty among the men. To explain how Dracula works as a “seducer”, and why the men of England would see him as a threat, the article “a vampire in the mirror: the sexuality of Dracula” emphasizes the idea that he is a woman stealer when it is stated, “His crime is not the hoarding of incest but a sexual theft, a sin we can term excessive exogamy. Although the old count has women of his own, he is exclusively interested in the women who belong to someone else” (Stevenson 139). Dracula is a woman stealer. He desires what does not belong to him, and in a way, he is somewhat of a man-whore. Dracula gets what he wants, because quite frankly he has power. The Mafia and its high-ranking members fall under this category as well. I don’t have any particular real life examples for this (because the Mafia is in fact a secretive organization), but I can bring attention to the movie “the Godfather” that does seem to embrace the

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