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Down Syndrome today is much different than it used to be, it has advanced in

many ways. It has enabled children who are diagnosed with it to keep working hard

because they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it. Down Syndrome can be a

devastating diagnosis; however, parents and those diagnosed can still go on to live happy

contented lives.

There has been big changes for people diagnosed with Down Syndrome over the

past years, but what is Down Syndrome? According to Bret Bowerman, Down

Syndrome is a chromosomal condition caused by the presence of a third copy of the 21st

chromosome. He states that it is the most common chromosomal condition, affecting

more than 400,000 Americans and is associated with delayed
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Turns out I was wrong, I learned that there are

Nunes 2

three types of Down Syndrome that you can be diagnosed with. Trisomy 21 is one type

of Down Syndrome, each cell in the body has three separate copies of chromosome 21

and about 95% of people with the disease have this type. Another type is Translocation

Down Syndrome, this type occurs when an extra part is present but attached to a different

chromosome and about 3% of people receive this type. The last type is Mosaic Down

Syndrome, Mosaic means mixture or combination. It affects about 2% of the people and

some of their cells have three copies of chromosome 21. Just the Facts Down Syndrome

by Kristina Routh states, “the only way to tell the difference between these types is by

studying a blood sample of an individual with Down Syndrome to look at the


Finding out that you will be a parent of a child with Down Syndrome can be a

devastating thing to most. Mary Carmichael’s article “New Tests for Down Syndrome

Raise Tough Issues” states that life with Down Syndrome can be challenging for parents

and kids. She supports her claim by first saying that ninety percent of women whose

fetuses test positive choose to abort, then she states that doctors and pediatricians give

advice to end the pregnancy. Finally, she says that as technology has advanced doctor’s

education has fallen behind which makes it harder on the parents.

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