Essay about Do Dreams Come True?

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Do dreams come true ? Do people actually believe in dreams ? I have dreams, you have dreams, we all have dreams and we might believe everything is possible. Martin Luther King Jr's dream has not fully come true. Its still finding its way even though we have come a long way but we can do way better than what we are doing now. Martin Luther King Jr wanted everyone to be treated equally no matter what. He didn't think it was fair for people to be treated any less than how we were supposed to be treated. Race and Sexuality is still a problem here around the world. People are still making racist comments and discriminating against gays and other races. Things might have shapen up because now gay marriage is legal in a few states. Things might …show more content…
He was recorded by his girlfriend while making these comments and it was leaked all over the internet and television. Everyone was disgusted by these comments. Its sad that people still have this mindset after all these years of trying to change for the better. It takes us a step back now. In February 2012 Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. The reason for the shooting was that Trayvon looked suspicious to Zimmerman. Zimmerman was given orders to stay in the SUV and to not approach Trayvon but he didn't listen and went on and shot Trayvon for no reason(

.Thats where the stereotype and the prejudices come from. Trayvon did not intend to look for problems, he was minding his business. These type of things should not happen. I guarantee you that if Martin Luther King Jr was alive George Zimmerman would be guilty.They discriminate against you and judge you based off the way you carry yourself. Martin Luther King Jr's dream keeps taking a few steps forward then a few steps back. Its the constant pulling of change for the better. I don't know if during my lifetime it'll always be like that. One thing that has taken a step forward is the gay community. Back in 1988 Matthew Shepard was tied to a fence and brutally beaten with a gun. He was attacked because he was gay. Before it was a big

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