Essay on Do Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble?

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There is some debate on whether curfews keep teenagers out of trouble. A curfew is defined as a law or regulation that requires a person or group of people must stay indoors for a designated time, usually through the night. Curfews usually apply to teenagers and are there to help keep them out of trouble and keep them safe. City regulations have different views on curfew times and age groups. For example, a 13 year old will need to go indoors earlier than a 17 year old. Usually a curfew is set at about 11 p.m., but can also be set for in the daytime. In consideration of having a curfew for teenagers, the crime rate has greatly decreased. Curfews help the streets of many cities all around the U.S. More than 146 U.S cities, according to …show more content…
cities with 180,000 or more residents. Researchers also found that arrests of young adults above the curfew age also decline slightly.” Another study from 1999 was displayed in the Western Criminology Review. The Analysis of Curfew Enforcement and Juvenile Crime in California came to the conclusion of, “Based on the current evidence, a crime reduction strategy founded solely on law enforcement intervention has little effect, suggesting that solutions are more complex and multifaceted.” However, mayors surveyed as part of the study argued that the curfews did reduce crime in their cities, even when the research did not support it.”
According to The National Institute of Justice, A research study had been done in 2002, “Adams investigated the impact of curfew laws on Juvenile crime in four Texas cities: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Two of the cities, San Antonio and Houston, had both day and night curfews. The results for the night curfews indicated that out of thirty-eight relations between curfew implementation and crime rates, four showed a significant decrease in crime, two showed a significant increase in crime, and thirty-two showed no significant change. For the cities with day curfews, eighteen relations between curfew implementation and crime rates were investigated. None showed a significant decrease in crime, and sixteen showed no significant change. Finally, among the twenty relations between crime during non-curfew

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