Essay on Do Away With Gun Control

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Do Away With Gun Control

A tragic accident! Your brother, Isaac is dead! He has been shot in a hunting accident. People said to me, "Hope you don't blame anyone." Now I'm sure you will hate guns seemed to be what they all met. Why would I blame anyone and why would I hate guns? After the Columbine shooting by two crazed high school students, the media has portrayed everyone that has ever had a loved one killed or injured by a gun, as a gun hater. I wasn't a gun hater; what had happened to my brother was just an accident. But were there others out there who felt the same way?

Gun control has been an important issue in the last twenty years. Contrary to popular belief, there were others that had lost loved one and didn't hate guns.
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The last part of the Amendment is often overlooked, considered to mean only militia, or though to be outdated by anti-gun lobbyists.

The facts about the dangers of guns are very different than the media would lead the public to believe. Smoking kills one out of two smokers, secondhand smoke kills one in fifty-five people, car wreck one in one hundred, and firearms accidents only one in two thousand five hundred ("The Dangers..."). Guns in the home are obviously not the huge risk that the media tells us. True, guns can be dangerous, but they can also be more of a safety factor than a hazardous. A survey, conducted by random telephone sampling of 4,978 households in all the states except Alaska and Hawaii, yield results indicating that American civilians use their firearms as often as 2.5 million times every year defending against a confrontation with a criminal, and that handguns alone account for up to 1.9 million defenses per year ("A Case..."). The accident theory seems to pale in comparison with these numbers.

Gun control laws are made up of two types. One is to regulate where, how, and by whom firearms can be carried. The other type of laws' purpose is to make it more costly to buy, sell, or use firearms. If gun control is the answer to the crime problem, why do we see such a high

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