Do Animals Deserve to be Tested on? Essay

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Sammy, who has been trained to aid blind people, has not been adopted within a year. Of course, they are unknowledgeable to the fact he could help the indigent people because they do not take the time to determine his special gifts. Thus, the scientists decide to use him for research. The agonizing pain flows through his body as he lies on the table getting chemicals put through his tense veins. He wants to run, but the scientists have him strapped to the bed so tightly that he cannot move. As they run the chemicals through him, he cannot do anything but think of his life and extraordinary past owner he had before he got sent to the local dog shelter. Although researchers would have to find new innovations other than animal experimentation …show more content…
Animals lose weight when they undergo depression or experiencing a loss; scientists used this information to search for animals under depression. “By most measures, the animals that seem to experienced death in the most humanlike way are not the ones that are genetically closest to us—the great apes—but elephants” (The Mystery of Animal Grief). Scientists discovered one way that animal grieve appears to be cuddling, in which a chemical is released that activates oxytocin. “Brain studies strengthen the case for animal grief” (The Mystery of Animal Grief). Caring animals, such as crows, elephants, dogs, and etc. grieve over the loved lost ones and no one realizes how important their loved ones are to them (The Mystery of Animal Grief).
Vivisection basically describes the experimenting of living things by dissecting. Due to vivisection, more and more animals are being experimented on; thus, vivisection is a major tool that allowed several amazing organizations. “Private organizations in the United States concerned with vivisection include the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the National Institutes of Health and a number of other public and private organizations, ensure ethical and sensitive use of animals for research” (Vivisection). Through many years, these organizations have tried

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