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Assessment and Treatment of Depression in Adolescence

Today’s youth are faced with many challenges including depression, substance use and suicide. Depressive disorders in adolescence are a major health concern. Depression often disrupts normal development due to the negative impact it has on social and educational functioning. This paper focuses on adolescent depression, as well as its assessment and treatment. Additionally, an examination of both risk and protective factors of adolescent depression, and implications these relationships have for prevention and adolescent health behavior.

Adjusting to physical and hormonal changes, becoming more independent, an increase parent-child conflict, social and
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The term “depression” has been defined as a painful emotion or negative mood; as an aggregate of negative mood and associated complaints such as hopelessness worthlessness, suicidal ideation and lethargy; or depressive disorder with characteristic symptom patterns, and duration that impairs a person’s functioning and meets the criteria for a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) diagnosis.
High levels of depression or emotional distress may be particularly dangerous for adolescents. There is compelling evidence from diversity of studies that indicate that if depression is persistent it has numerous negative associated features and consequences; such as engaging in dangerous behaviors, hostility or anger, substance use and suicidal ideation and or attempts (Felix-Ortiz, Newcomb, & Myers (1994). Problems of adolescents are on the rise as research indicates that rates of the emotional and behavioral problems of adolescents have increased over the past ten years (Achenbach & Howell, 1993). The strongest support of the diagnosis of depressive disorders in youths are longitudinal data including that the disorder recurs and interferes with the ability to achieve and maintain competent function, (Kovacs, 1989).
Depressed, or dysphoric, mood refers to feeling sadness, unhappiness, the feelings, or feelings of worthlessness, which are exhibited occasionally or for a brief period

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