Disney World: A Family Vacation Essay

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Disney World: A Family Vacation

Everyone who has ever been to Disney World thinks it’s going to be the vacation of a lifetime but when we went it was the vacation from Hell!

My dad is one of those people that Murphy’s Law applies to. That is, if anything is going to go wrong then it is going to go wrong for my dad. My family started on this trip with great expectations. It was going to be our first trip to Disney World and we were all very excited.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly that morning. Dad loaded the luggage and packed the cooler. He even packed the extra pillows. My family was very happy as we prepared for our trip. I was twelve years old and my brother, Jobie, was ten.
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Now most people would simply turn their car around and head back toward Asheville, but not my dad. He is one of those good people that bad things happen to. He looked at my mom and said “See Jo Ann some people think that God doesn’t have a sense of humor, but I am living proof that he does and I know he is up there and he is laughing his butt off right now!” Then dad calmed down. He turned the car around and we eventually got back on I-26. The rest of the trip went pretty well until we got to Florida.

We were about a hundred and fifty miles from Disney World when mom told dad the oil gauge was low. She told him he should stop and check it. My dad did not think he needed to because he said the oil gauge always pointed to low. About fifteen minutes later smoke started coming from under the hood of the car. Lucky for us we were near an exit with a gas station nearby. We pulled into the gas station. Dad saw a water hose and pulled in next to it. He popped the hood of the car and small flames were coming from under the hood. He grabbed the water hose and put out the flames quickly. He then bought some oil and put it in the engine. To his surprise the car started. Dad got back in the car looked at my mom, who had a big smile on her face, and said “Do not say a word Jo Ann, I mean it not one world!” Mom then looked back at my brother and me, still with her big smile.

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