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Other television channels such as Channel Four and Channel Five have

tried to keep up with the Soap Opera revolution but have never managed

to achieve such high viewer ratings as the likes of Coronation Street

and Eastenders, I think this is because they will never strike people

as being original. Coronation Street was the first ever British

television soap based in Manchester and Eastenders was obviously based

in the East-end of London, these cover the North and South of England,

so they didn’t leave much space for originality in any new soaps as

far as community is concerned. Although Channel Four’s latest attempt,

‘Hollyoaks’ has had good ratings, which seems to be due to its

majority of young cast members and its early showing at six o clock on

most weekdays.

One particular Soap Opera, which has brought its own genre to our

screens, is Neighbours; this came onto the BBC from Australia in March

1985. The main reason for its success was the fact that it was based

in a whole new environment in the sunny, leisurely lifestyle of

Australia. It is still on television today and is considered to be the

third most successful Soap Opera in the UK.

In terms of codes and conventions, I feel Eastenders is the best

platform to look into. In my opinion, a big part of its success is

from the major, ongoing storylines, it creates and perfects the
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