Discussion in terms of Fayol’s Managerial Functions Essay

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Discussion in terms of Fayol’s Managerial Functions

Henri Fayol proposed that all managers perform five management functions. 1- Planning, 2- Organizing, 3- Commanding, 4- Coordinating, 5-

Most management books still continue to be organized around the management functions, Although they have been condensed down to basic and very important functions.

1- Planning

The planning functions involves the process of defining goals, establishing strategies for achieving these goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities.

Our instructor also defines or goals which is standard education and successfulness in the exams, according to this concern he establish the ways and strategies that how
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Our college instructor give training and motivates us to achieve the educational goal.

2. Informational Roles

Managerial roles that involve receiving, collecting and disseminating information. Our college instructor seeks and receives information and transmits it to us.

3. Decisional Roles

Managerial roles that revolve around making choices

Our college instructor plays his role as a disturbance handler and as negotiator. Discussion in terms of Katz’s Skills

Robert L.Katz found that managers need three essential skills or competencies. 1- Technical Skills, 2- Human Skills, 3- Conceptual Skills.

1- Technical Skills

Technical skills include knowledge of and proficiency in a specialized field Our instructor use the process, techniques and tools of a specific area. 2- Human Skills

Involves the ability to interact effectively with people.

Our college instructor interact and cooperate with us.

3- Conceptual Skills

Conceptual skills involves the formulation of Ideas.

Our college instructor understand abstract relationships, Develop ideas and solve problems creatively.

Thus Technical Skills deals with things, Human Skills Concern people and Conceptual skills has to do with Ideas..

So we can say that a college instructor is a manager too.

Q.1 (b)

A Manager needs the following basic management skills.

Basic Management Skills


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