Discrimination Essay

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I don’t know about Will working here; don’t you think we have enough color around the office already? This is not an unusual situation, there is and will always be discrimination in the work place. Discrimination isn’t always around the office; you can be discriminated against, or labeled as to what you should do. Just because you’re African American, Mexican, Japanese or whatever your ethnicity might be you can be, labeling in the work force is not something you have to live with. One of the biggest problems is racial wage inequality. It means just because you are African American or of some other culture that you get paid less than a white co-worker. This is one of the topics that I will be touching on,
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One day this older Mexican gentleman came in and was interested in the position, I thought he was perfect so I told him to come back when the owner was in. I had told the owner about him and he started asking me questions. The first thing out of him mouth was “is he a spic”. It kind of caught me off guard; I asked why does that matter. Then he went on about how you can’t trust a spic and that they aren’t good for nothing and need to go back over the border. After that day I never really looked at him the same, I never told him that I was half, because honestly I don’t know how he would have reacted. That’s what is really sad about today’s society. When you look at it now a days all of the companies have these little rules to make it look fair and right as to why they do this but when it comes down to it some people are just racist, its either your black or your white. Despite decades of research showing greater black-white inequality in local areas where the black population is relatively large, little is known about the mechanisms for this effect.(Huffman 1) They have excuses like more experience and what not, but the fact is one is black and one is white. What is this world coming to I thought that after all the years of discrimination and hate crimes that we would be over all this but I guess not I guess that this country has still got a lot of growing up to do.

The one goal that should be on companies minds when it comes to hiring and picking the

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