Discrimination Racism Essay

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Color discrimination occurs when a person is discriminated on their skin colour. Color discrimination happens when people different races or nationality. Sometimes Racism happens even when both people are the same nationality, because one is lighter or darker than the other. Colour discrimination is mainly very selfish and prejudice, shouting abuse and murdering of people that you don’t know, for all they know you could turn out to be a best friend in the future. Some people just don’t want black, indian culture etc, in their country which again is selfish and really quite childish.

Because different races live their lives differently to others, other races think that their better than they are. For example: Some black people live in
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Many people are killed because of racism, this is called racial violence. For example Stephen Lawrence was killed at 18 years of age, about six white men stabbed him to death while he was going to catch the bus, the reason, just because his skin colour was black.

Racial Segregation is another form of racism, this is when people of different races who are doing the same equal thing are sepperated, such as going to school, eating at a restarant, using the toilet etc. In America black people were meant to give up their seats for white people on buses, but one time a black women refused to give up her seat and was arrested. Another form of segregation is when people are sepperated from where they live, these places are called ghettos. Ghetto means suburban slum, and the people who live in these are in poverty. A ghetto is ussually filled with people of one race and nationality. Because they are filled with only one type of person, if a different person, for example a white person going to a black ghetto, thers a chance they would be rejected or even violence. Ghettos are ussually created from a result from racism, when people don’t want a certain race in their town, city etc.

Sometimes when a different race applys for a job, they are turned down just because of their nationality or skin colour, even though they have the requirements for that job. For example at a young girl

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