Discover The Adventure of a Lifetime in South Dakota Essay

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Named for the Dakota branch of the Sioux Indian Nation, the State of South Dakota is a state that tells the story of America's westward expansion in a way that just can't be found elsewhere in the country. From gold strikes to battles with the Indians, South Dakota is one state that fulfills the typical Hollywood image of the Old West. However, visitors to this fascinating state will find that the story of South Dakota is much more interesting than any Hollywood western that they have ever seen. All in all, South Dakota offers visitors the adventure of a lifetime.

South Dakota's Natural Attractions

One of South Dakota's finest natural attractions is Badlands National Park near Rapid City. This national park comprises 244,000 acres of
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One of the state's finest cultural attractions is the Crazy Horse Memorial in Crazy Horse. This massive sculpture is larger than Mount Rushmore and it is one of the most significant testaments to the culture of Native Americans to be found anywhere in the entire country. Visitors to this massive memorial are certainly going to be impressed by its sheer size and by the in-depth exhibits available at this attraction. All in all, the Crazy Horse Memorial stands as one of the finest tributes to American Indians ever to be seen.

Another fascinating cultural attraction is the Mitchell Corn Palace in Mitchell. This amazing venue introduces visitors to a world of fabulous artwork crafted from corn. With wall-spanning murals and intricately detailed dioramas of world-famous landmarks, the Mitchell Corn Palace is definitely one cultural attraction you will want to see on your journey through South Dakota.

One other interesting cultural attraction that travelers to South Dakota will want to see is Wall Drug Store in the town of Wall. This drug store got its start during the depths of the Great Depression in the 1930s. In order to revive the store and the town of Wall, the owner started offering free ice water and posted signs along the route to nearby Mount Rushmore advertising the store's free ice water. Over time, tourists to the area became intrigued and stopped in at the store. As the years have passed, Wall Drug Store has become a destination unto itself. Today, the

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