Dilemmas Faced by Christians in the Military Essay

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Many prayers these days include a blessing for the soldiers. It really does not matter where the plea for the troops comes in a prayer; it may be in the middle or tacked on to the end, but it sounds something like the following: “Lord bless our troops, and bring them home safely.” Yes, bless the troops, and every one wants each one to come home safely. However, this is a very general prayer. People use the verb “bless” because they really do not know what to say. What does it mean to “bless?” Some people can relate to the soldiers but most cannot. Some know what it is like to be away and under the pressures of combat, but most do not. An unknown soldier has said, “For those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected …show more content…
The soldier’s IBA could weigh up to 80 pounds after all his ammunition and little extras are placed on his vest. Fully loaded, a soldier could be carrying more than 240 rounds of ammo, a couple fragmentation grenades, a smoke grenade, maybe a knife, and whatever else is deemed mission essential. He packs his backpack making sure his Night Vision Goggles have batteries and checks to see that his rain gear is packed. He puts on his Ballistic Eye Lenses, and walks to the Motor Pool to get his truck. Even the walk to the Motor Pool is dangerous. A mortar could land within inches of this soldier any time. Because of this it is imperative for him to always have on his protective gear. He goes through his check list making sure the truck has extra MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and water bottles. He never knows if he has to stay out for days at end. He gets his mission and safety brief, loads up, and heads on out the back gate. Every turn could be an ambush; any place could be a disaster. Whether that soldier is attacked by snipers, IED’s (improvised explosive device), ambushed, or a combination of all three, he is constantly on his guard. Any piece of debris on the side of the road could spell danger. Even being back at the Forward Operating Base, the Soldier may be wearing his body armor and Kevlar lying on his cot trying to sleep with mortars soaring over and the ground shaking with thunder when

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