Different Types of Customers Essays

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Different Types of Customers

Business facilities are used by a wide range of individuals including those with special needs, such as disabled and deaf people. All of these people want a high level of customer service. To provide a high level customer service, I need to identify the following different types of customers:

* Children

* The elderly

* Foreign customers

* Physically or mentally disabled

* The deaf

* The blind

* The know-it-all


Businesses, such as Barclays need to treat children fairly because, they are tomorrow’s customers and businesses should treat them with care as they do to older customers. People who are working
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Staff must try to forget that they are disabled and focus them as an individual. Disabled customers can either be physically disabled or mentally disabled. If a customer is physically disabled, staff members should always remember to: Open doors for them and do not hurry them even if, they (staff members) are busy.

If a customer is mentally disabled, staff members should always remember to: remain patient and let them (customers) take their time to tell them (the staff) what they want, and use easy-to-understand language.

The deaf

If a customer is partially deaf they can probably manage quite well without, any problems. On the other hand, it is difficult to identify customers who are completely deaf. When dealing with deaf people (both partially deaf and completely deaf), staff members should always remember to:

* Face towards them continually when, they

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