Different Life Experiences in the United States and in Myanmar

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No two places on earth can be exactly alike, especially between the most hi-tech advanced country like the United States of America and a developing agricultural one, Myanmar (Burma). The reason is every single country has its unique qualities and identities. The United States is very diverse and gigantic, while Myanmar has only eight nationalities and a small land. Perhaps the freeways in the States have full of cars and public transportation, but one will see pony-carts on the roads in some province of Myanmar. Since I was born and grew up Myanmar, I have inherited its cultural identities a lot. Now that I am living in America, I understand I still need to adapt the new culture even though it is not the one I accustomed to. Generally, …show more content…
I have never heard my mother worked outside in her life. She has never earned her own money, but my father provides her and family with enough incomes. My mom seems happy and delightful about her no-worries life, and she takes good care of her husband and children for her whole life. She cooks for us, takes us to school, helps us make homework, tells fairy tales when we go to bad, cries when we are in pain and so on. She is the best and most wonderful angel we have ever met. However, I did not think my mom need to sacrifice all her time and freedom to us. Hence, I asked her once, “Why don’t you save some time for yourself, mother?” I have seen that she has devoted her whole life for only her family but she forgot to enjoy herself.
Her scenario of being a mother is the stereotype of women in Myanmar. They spend most of their time with doing house-work, taking care of their husbands, childbearing and child-rearing. This is one of my least favorite aspects of Myanmar culture because I love freedom. I do not think I am able to do the entire obligation my mom did to her husband and children. Also, I do not want anybody help me to achieve my goal, but I will do it by myself. This is one of the reasons I came to the United States. Another different experience I learned is the education system between them. In the States, the students are very active in class and participate in discussion and school activities. Perhaps this is why American students

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