Difference of Opinion About the Nineteen-Sixties Essay

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Difference of Opinion About the Nineteen-Sixties

To many people the "swinging sixties" were a time of fun and freedom, the beginning of equality and a decade where Britain became a happy country of proud success, however, to many others the rebellious sixties were taken advantage of by defiant teenagers and was a decade where "discipline" was put a side. Furthermore, both agree that it was a decade where Britain underwent a profound and intense change.

It turns out there were many positives to the 1960s although there were many negatives. A reason why someone could believe that the 1960s was the time whend many things went wrong in society is because of the Sexual Revolution. The sexual
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Sexual practices that were previously considered unsuitable for discussion, such as oral sex, orgasm, and homosexuality, were openly discussed. Homosexuality was legalised and took a giant step towards acceptance, contraception in the form of the pill was introduced and abortion would be legalised.

The Sixties were the decade when the 'pill' arrived. This is another reason why the 1960s could have been seen as a big failure. It was available from Family Planning Clinics from 1967. This not only provided a safe form of contraception, but also reduced painful menstruation and even acne. Recently, doctors have discovered side affects of the pill but at the time, for many women, the pill seemed to be a simple solution to a difficult problem.

In 1967 abortion also became legal in Britain for the first time. Until then the only way of terminating a pregnancy was to use a "back street" abortion, this was an illegal process that proved to be very dangerous. Nevertheless a predicted 100 000 women used this method every year.

Another reason why the 1960s could have been seen as a collapse in society is because of the unimportance of family and marriage. There was some evidence to support the view that marriage and the family were becoming less important. During the 1960s, marriage appeared to become less important I more peoples lives.

Another reason why the

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