Dickens' Aims in A Christmas Carol Essay

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Dickens' Aims in A Christmas Carol

In 'A Christmas Carol', Dickens is trying to get across to the rich people of society the difference between their lives and those of the poor. He does this by using Scrooge, who personifies the rich people. It is set at Christmas time in early Victorian times, a time of giving and compassion. This signifies that the rich should give to the poor, especially at a festive time like Christmas. Dickens saw the cold, ugly conditions that the poor were living in and thought that he had to do something about it, so he wrote 'A Christmas Carol'. He sees the rich people as those with the power to change the poor people's lives. It is the rich who need to be educated about
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Dickens describes him as,

'A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner! The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shrivelled his cheek, stiffened his gait; made his eyes red, his thin lips blue; and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice'

Dickens paints an amazing picture of scrooge being a bitter, cold and twisted old man. All the adjectives he uses are harsh sounding and they make him appear cold. Dickens refers to scrooge very often as being cold, because cold makes him sound miserable, his surroundings are always cold. There is no warmth in his life.

'External heat and cold had no influence on Scrooge. No warmth could warm, nor wintry weather chill him'.

Everything about Scrooge is miserable. His name is onomatopoeic; when one says it, it sounds harsh and it does not exactly flow out of your mouth, it is hard to say. Dickens describes Scrooge as being surrounded by dark:

'They were a gloomy suite of rooms, in a lowering pile of building up a yard'

His house was even described as gloomy. The dark represents the rich being blind to the state of the poor. Scrooge is wilfully ignorant about the condition of the poor, Dickens uses the dark to show this.

'Half a dozen gas-lamps out of the street wouldn't have lighted the entry too well. Darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked

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