Dialogue Essays: The Troll

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Standing on tip toes on an old stump was a troll. Not a mean, fierce, drooling kind of troll ... more of a gentler and wiser kind. He was trying to peek in the kitchen window of the house next to the woods where he lived. The house was really not all that special. It was a two story colonial with country blue paint that was peeling slightly. It was a warm morning in late July. Mrs. Sagal was cooking breakfast as her daughter, Lucinda sat at the kitchen table looking at a magazine. “What do you want with your eggs?” asked Mrs. Sagal. Lucinda didn't answer. “Lucinda! What do you want with your eggs?” Lucinda looked up and said, “Toast would be fine.” Her mom had already finished the bacon so breakfast was just about ready. Lucinda’s dad …show more content…
THUMP! Lucinda looked up from her magazine. She looked around and then started to read again. The troll again gave the side of the house a gentle THUMP! Lucinda once again looked up. “Did you hear that?” she asked her mom. “Hear what?” “I thought I heard something,” said Lucinda. “Well, I didn’t hear a thing,” said her mom. “I think I’m going to look outside,” said Lucinda. “I’m finished anyway.” “Okay, but we’ll be leaving soon,” said her mom. Lucinda slipped on her sneakers and stepped out onto the front porch. It was very quiet out. Not even the birds were singing. She looked around but didn’t see anything. "Hmmm," said Lucinda, and turned to go back inside. Just then she heard a 'Pssst!' Lucinda looked quickly to the side of the porch where the sound came from. “Who said that?” she asked. “Where are you?” The troll whispered, “Don’t be afraid or frightened when you see me, as I am not all that attractive. But I won’t hurt you and I need your help.” The troll was right. He wasn’t going to hurt her and he wasn’t all that attractive. This particular troll was short, very short ... about 3 feet tall if that, and somewhat overweight. Not extremely overweight mind you, just a little bit. He had big ears and a very large nose, both of which were common for those in his tribe. His tail, which was very furry, kept swishing back and forth constantly. Very long black hair

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