Dialogue Essays: Skylights

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I have looked down at the Earth my entire life, watching through the glass walls of the Skyway, believing that I didn’t belong there. My Guardian Ezamerele tells me that I would not survive on Earth, and the Skyway is the best place for me. I think that Ezamerele is wrong, despite the fact that she wasn’t born on the Skyway, that she was brought here from Earth. Eza is only my Guardian, she is not who I am, she only knows what I show to her. I know-have known-that I belong on Earth, and I need to find out how to get there. I first figured out that I needed the dirt beneath my feet when Ezamerele took to the greenhouse Unit. 673 was one of the smallest Units, but it was jam-packed with activity. Vegetable-growers were running back
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All she does is shake her head, as if to say you have so much to learn. We walk back to our Unit, 17. It is a long walk, but it doesn’t matter.


“Lai, please come here.” My mother calls. I run through the house as fast as I can, barely avoiding my little brothers and sisters in the process. “Lai, hurry! I am in the kitchen.” Mother calls again. I am in the empty kitchen soon, and I see my mother, pale and skinny sitting in the chair that was claimed hers. “What is it, Mother?” I ask. She reaches into my pure black hair, and says, “Lailajane, I know you hate it here. I know you dream of the Skyway, and freedom from your little siblings. I have found a way to get you what you want.” My eyes widen with shock and step back away from her. “How?” “ The Skyway is looking for people to work up there as Guardians and maids. I put in an application for you to go as a maid, seeing as you would not do good as a Guardian. You got accepted and you are being sent off in a few months. You have to go to a training place first, here on Earth. You leave for the training tomorrow. You need to pack now, and get a lot of sleep. Go!” I do as she says and run up to my room. I push the door and look around at my place. The white walls and blue blankets call to me, and seem to say, don’t leave us. I shake my head, forcing their voices from my mind. I grab the bag that hangs on the doorknob and start to throw my clothes into it. I also take my journal and my black

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