Development of a Rating System for the Department of Behavioral Sciences

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The purpose of this study is to develop a testing instrument to measure how alumni will rate their undergraduate experience in the department of behavioral sciences on satisfaction and improvements that need to be made. The department of behavioral sciences needs this information to know what their graduates think of the program and what they suggest needs to be changed. Also to find out what their graduates are doing now and if their program was adequate in preparing graduates for the future rather it be for graduate school or a career. This present study is important to learn more information from graduates about improving the behavioral science department and what graduates are currently doing with their undergraduate degrees in …show more content…
A study that looked at career versatility with a psychology major that was conducted by Ware and Meyer (1981) found that more males went on to doctoral programs than females. Also, most of the participants had occupations in enterprising and social areas. There was no gender difference in the occupation choice. The study also indicated that males reported having a higher salary and income compared to female participants ().
Program Improvement Borden and Rajecki (2000) conducted a study that looked at first year employment of psychology graduates (). They found some department level considerations for improvement were to have more experience options such as internships and research projects be present in the senior year of undergraduate. Also to inform students about different careers in the field and what students need to do to achieve those careers starting in their freshmen year of undergraduate. A study by Landrum, Hettich, and Wilner (2010) that looked at how ready alumni said they were for the workforce received many suggestions for program improvement from alumni (). Alumni suggested that professors should have courses about life after graduation. Professors should also expect more out of the students and create mentoring relationships with the students. Alumni also reported that students should get more involved in the community, internships, and volunteer

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