Developing Friendships as a First Year Student Essay

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In recent years, qualitative analysis has became predominant in current research, with many qualitative approaches, various ways of analysis are used such as thematic, ground theory, conversational analysis (Howitt and Cramer, 2010). Even though quantitative analysis is able to assist researcher gain information such as how many friends a person has, qualitative analysis is able to provide participants to give opinions about friendships without it being limited to a single number. Holloway and Todres (2003, Cited in Braun and Clark, 2006) said that qualitative methods are diverse and that thematic analysis is a foundational method when it comes to undergraduates carrying out a qualitative analysis for the first time. For this
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This was so that the answers received, from each interview, provide vital information related to the research question. As the research is exploring the topic of friendship at university, it was decided that the participants would be chosen from The University of Northampton and are currently in their second year because they have personally gone through the experience of making friends.
The three participants were:
John is a 21 year old male and has moved to Northampton without knowing the area well enough and did not know anyone either however he is enjoying his time at university.
Craig is a 19 year old male who is studying Psychology and Counselling. He lives in a shared house with some of his friends who he had met during his first year of university.
Latifa is a 19 year old female who moved into halls of residence for her first year. She had never visited Northampton before therefore it was a new experience for her.
A semi-structured interview was used to collect in-depth data because they allow interviewees to fully explain and justify their answers. The final interview questions were formed by 9 open ended questions (see appendix A) which covered the areas regarding friendship such as what was the interviewee’s definition of friendship. Further questions were asked in-between main questions to get detailed explanations for the participant’s reasons.
Analytic Steps
Braun and Clarke (2006) defined thematic analysis as a method which

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