Detrimental Effects of Poverty Essay example

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Often seen but never observed, hiding just beneath the line of sight to those who are blind to the suffering. Why do people not discern so much suffering, why won’t they see? Blue eyes and blond hair, attached to a dirty little round face, which stares blankly out the smeared window. As they pass by, they see but do not observe, curtains that hang sloppily off their rod, sideways against the cracked window pane. People remark with distain over the filth they observe, and confirm to themselves, how much distress the poor deserve. The effects of poverty are extremely detrimental, those who suffer from poverty suffer not only from an empty stomach, but from long term negative developmental and socio-emotional effects. The effects of …show more content…
Additionally, a family of four within the same time period, with two children under 18, had a poverty threshold set at $22,162. According to a report by the Congressional Digest (2010), there were 8.8 million families who were within the poverty threshold which is 11.1 percent of the total population in the United States (300). Additionally, children are suffering the greatest amount of poverty whereas, “Children represented 24.5 percent of the overall population, 35.5 percent of the people in poverty, and 36.3 percent of the people with income below 50 percent of their poverty threshold” (300). Each year the percentage of those suffering from impoverishment has increased, the level of poverty has not reached such numbers in the last 51 years. Based on 2009 records, there were 43.9 million people impoverished (299). The average income, for a family of four represents a per capita of $440.00 per month, per person, for all necessary living expenses. The stress of attempting to secure basic living needs, not only effect the parents who are trying to provide a home for their children. The children themselves are placed in a type of traumatic stress situation. A situation to which they are unable to understand or resolve, which can lead to lifelong socio-economic and social interaction difficulties.
Martha Wadsworth, et al, in the work, “Indirect Effects Model Of The Association Between Poverty And Child Functioning: The Role Of

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