Essay on Determination of Maximal Oxygen Consumption Lab Report

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In this lab, we explored the theory of maximal oxygen consumption. “Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) is defined as the highest rate at which oxygen can be taken up and utilized by the body during severe exercise” (Bassett and Howley, 2000). VO2max is measured in millimeters of O2 consumed per kilogram of body weight per min (ml/kg/min). It is commonly known as a good way to determine a subject’s cardio-respiratory endurance and aerobic fitness level. Two people whom are given the same aerobic task (can both be considered “fit”) however, the more fit individual can consume more oxygen to produce enough energy to sustain
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3) Exercise testing procedures were fully explained to the participants before beginning the experiment.
4) The participant was well fitted with a HR monitor during exercise.
5) The participant was fitted with a nose clip and mouthpiece (which had a tube air way connection) before beginning gas measurement which connected to the computer to save the data.
6) Pre-exercise measurements of resting heart rate and lactate was measured and recorded as they rested for 3 min. “During each test, the subject was verbally encouraged to continue exercise until exhaustion” (Kang, 2001).
7) The exercise intensity was to be increased every 3 min. until the participant reached maximal effort and could no longer continue.
8) During each stage of exercise the values of VO2, VE, RER, HR, RPE, and LA concentration were monitored and recorded prior, during, and after the protocol for both participants.
9) After reaching maximal effort, the participant entered the recovery mode and continued exercising at a very light workload to gradually decrease HR and BP.
10) The recovery measurements of HR, BP, and LA concentration at the resting rate were measured and recorded.
Descriptive information for both of the participants is displayed in tables 1 and 2 of this lab report. As you can see by reviewing the tables, the trained participant completed a total

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