Determinants of Leadership Style and Methods: Thomas Carlyle

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Review of Literature
All through past, the managerial scenery has been vastly competitive. Effective leadership associated with the competent strategy can assist as a commanding tool to accomplish great triumph in a fast patrolled business environment. With well thought skills and tactful channels of leadership new heights of success can be achieved.
Many researchers have studied the subject of leadership from 1800s. Thomas Carlyle is one of the pioneers in the trait theory of leadership. He proposed the “great man” theory. It stated that “the history of the world was the biography of great men” (Carlyle, 1849). All the way through 1900s the leadership was studied from the point of view of only traits. Approach to the research of
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Effective leadership also varies with the task that needs to be fulfilled (Hersey & Blanchard, 1977). Situational leadership categorized both leadership style and maturity level into four categories each. This is summarized in the following table.

Leadership Styles (S1,S2,S3,S4) Maturity Levels (M1, M2, M3, M4)
S1 Telling M1 Unable and insecure
S2 Selling M2 Unable but willing
S3 Participating M3 Capable but unwilling
S4 Delegating M4 Very capable and confident A leader should not be rigid to a definite style of work. He should be flexible with the leadership styles (from S1 to S4) according to the maturity levels (M1 to M4) of the subordinates and the required task. A good leader has to adapt to the situation and so it is situational leadership.

Discussion In the year 2000, Mr. Robert Nardelli took over as the CEO of Home Depot, after his previous success hunting at GE. With his great expertise and six sigma management strategies he achieved massive milestones by shooting the revenue from $45.74 billion in 2000 to $81.51 billion in 2005. But later due to frail stock performance, his gigantic compensation and his management styles he had to face high criticisms and finally stepped down in 2007.
Soon after Nardelli took control of Home Depot he was totally goal and

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