Destroying The Delicate Balance Crucial To Survival Essay

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Is mankind destroying the delicate balance between humanity and nature and endangering survival of all species?Throughout history we have been forced to adapt by perfecting ourselves socially, technologically, and physically to ensure continued existence. In the struggle for survival there is a delicate balance between nature and humanity crucial to all species. We are slowly shifting this balance in order to control nature. In doing so we are putting the well being of all species at risk.Nature is a dynamic presence that demands balance. It has a harmonious arrangement that sets up and maintains a state of equilibrium . Nature is generally thought of as the physical world and its living organisms.

Some say it is inexhaustible and
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The purpose is to create species that are more productive and resistant to disease. Some people believe this new technology can be beneficial to mankind by curing disease, improving health, benefiting agriculture, and reducing world hunger. Their argument is that in order to survive we must eat healthier, hardier foods and combat diseases with the techniques available to us. It is survival of the fittest.

At the same time, we have to recognize that the use of new technology in other fields has caused more problems than that which it has solved. There has been damage to the environment: a hole put in the ozone layer, polluted water and the killing of many species. Before we advance and start using genetic engineering, it is our responsibility to study possible after effects.Supporters of genetic engineering say that we have used genetic manipulation throughout history in processes such as grafting, cross-pollination and crossbreeding. In reality, we have used natural (not technologically invasive) breeding techniques, mainly with individual organisms, and only now are we beginning to understand the details of why and how they work. Before creating a new organism we have to consider how complete our knowledge is of how the system works.With genetic engineering we are penetrating and manipulating the very structure of our existence (DNA) in ways that could never, under any circumstances

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