“Design should never say, ‘Look at me.’ It should always say, ‘Look at this.’ ”

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This essay explores the concept of whether the outcome of design is directed towards a ‘Look at me’ or ‘Look at this’ theory. Through evaluating research behind the meaning of design, this essay will discuss that the theory behind a design leans greater towards a conceptual base rather than placing the emphasis on the physical product and therefore arguing that there is a greater tendency towards the ‘Look at this’ approach. The argument presented aims to discuss the point that design is a conceptual based practice which contains much subjectivity and therefore is difficult to place specifics on. This essay will focus on the meaning of design and the design process. It will then concentrate on a discussion about the uses of design as a …show more content…
Design follows the basic elements and principles such as line, colour, shape, texture and size. When creating a design, a combination of these elements and principles is used to develop an idea. As the final product is viewed, all these features are taken into account in relation to each other and, in a sense, the design process is seen. This construction comes together in the form of a final product, but as we deconstruct it with our eyes, we notice the individual elements that have been created through the design process, not just the design itself.
Through this way, design is a form of communication for problem solving and idea realisation. “Just as design is a product of the designer’s approach, so it is also a reflection of the particular pattern of constraints which made up the problem.” (Lawson, 2005) Designs are in place to deliver a message, idea or concept to the user. When designing a building you must take into consideration the end use of the building and ask questions such as “How will people get from one area of the building to another?” They are answered through the design of say, a doorway or the layout or floor plan. For this reason, I feel that design more

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