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The accuracy of the media remains so little, along with high manipulation, when it comes to displaying public information. In other words, the media is “open to those with plenty of money to spend.” This illustrates the lack of honesty of within the media’s displays. Democracy is based no mutual trust between the leaders of the country and its citizens, and if those citizens are being misled by a manipulative representatives, it is not a true democracy. A basic reform that can be applied to Canada’s electoral system is taking off boundaries and restrictions when it comes to running candidates. Election must be open to everybody, regardless of race, genre, genre, sex orientation, or religion. Everybody should have the right to participate and make his/her voice heard. The government must also guarantee everybody’s right id they want to run for specific positions within the government.

A true democracy cannot exist if there is weak competition during elections’ time; which is the case during Canadian election time. Voter, simply, find little to vote for and that has led to the voter turnout. The election turnout rate after the 1990s diminished. From the 1940s and until the 1980s the vote turnout rate went down from 73 to 78 to 69.6 percent in 1993. Coulson explains this lowering in rate saying that although it appears “that Canadians are better educated, more informed, and more interested in politics, many are turning away from traditional party
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