Essay about Delegating Authority in a Large Organization

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Delegating Authority in a Large Organization

Management 330

Delegating authority in any large organization is required to keep a steady workflow within the organization. Delegation is the process of distributing the workload in a top-down flow within an organization.
Managers have a responsibility to delegate for the benefit of themselves and their subordinates but should not abuse the power of delegation by using it to make others take responsibility for their mistakes. Delegation allows managers to relieve some of their workload and allows subordinates a chance to learn the management field through on the job training. There are various ways to delegate within an organization and proper and improper ways to do it.
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Delegation is also an excellent opportunity for lower level managers and subordinates to receive some training toward advancing themselves within their organization. It allows on the job training of what higher-level managers must accomplish in order to do their job effectively.

Some managers are reluctant to distribute their workload or have less than adequate delegation skills. Delegation is a skill that subordinates should learn by having tasks delegated to them prior to becoming managers or upper level management. If a manager is reluctant to delegate work they may feel that they should not need to depend on someone else to get the job done or that they do not need to pass off responsibility. They have to realize that they are not passing off responsibility or depending on someone else to get the job done, they are freeing themselves to do managerial tasks. Managers who delegate should always follow the proper steps to delegate. Not delegating enough authority or resources can make it impossible for a subordinate to accomplish their task or lead to an inadequate end product.

Following the steps of proper delegation are essential to being successful at it. Figuring out what needs to be accomplished (defining the goal) should be the first step in the delegation

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