Deion Sanders: Legendary Cornerback Essay

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Deion Sanders On August 9, 1967 in Lee Memorial Hospital a legendary cornerback was born
(Thornley 14). His name was Deion Sanders, he was a one of a kind. Deion Sanders was a shutdown corner, if you don't know what that means when a cornerback is so spectacular at guarding his guy that the quarterback doesn't even think to try and throw to his side (Attner).
Whats even more amazing is that Deion Sanders played two professional sports at a time. Not only did he play in the Nfl, he also played in the Mlb. Deion was introduced to sports when he was a kid. His mother let him play sports to keep him off the streets from gangs and away from the drugs (Thornley 13). His mother supported him in his sports and loved to watch
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After one of his games he asked his coach if he could compete in the track event, his coach said yes. Deion ran over to the track field and ran the 400 meter and helped win the Metro Conference Championship for track, after that he ran to the baseball fields to finish his next game he had (Thornley 21). Deion Sanders had been very good in his college career. When Deion Sanders first got out of college the New York Yankees wanted to draft him to try and make baseball his top priority (Thornley 29). Deion played for the Yankees for two years for a total of 71 games with 32 hits and five home runs for an average of .177 (Thornley
61). The Yankees released Deion after the two years because they didn't want to share him with a football team. Deion was then drafted to the Atlanta Braves where he could play for the Atlanta falcons to. During his four years with the Atlanta Braves he played in two World Series with them, they lost both of them. After his contract expired with the Atlanta Braves Deion then got signed by the Cincinnati Reds, he played for them for two years. To end his baseball career
Deion joined the San Francisco Giants. During Deion's baseball career he had played a total of
494 games with 1583 at bats having 418 hits for an average of .264 (Thornley 61). Deion has what coaches call football

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