Deforestation in the Amazon Essay

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Deforestation in the Amazon

Discussion of the geographical, economical, and the overall influential importance of the Amazon Rainforest is, in my opinion, a necessity to understanding why deforestation is a huge mistake and will lead to major consequences for the entire planet. Common important facts about why deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest might include issues such as greenhouse gases or entire ecosystems demolished. Geographically, The Amazon Rainforest is by far the biggest rainforest left on our planet (sad to say) proportional to the size of Australia. The rainforest itself reaches out to several countries around Brazil.
Economically, the regions of the Amazon Rainforest provide surrounding countries and entire
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So why are we diminishing the largest rainforest in the world? With rapid technological advances, humans are an ever-growing species and are becoming more and more mobile, it seems as though a desire for land expansion for agriculture and industry fields is an increasing threat to the ecosystems of our planet. These demands for land have led to the concentration of urban areas and expansion of rural areas around the world. The Amazon Basin rainforest have started to be cleared for agriculture, housing, and industrial purposes. These industrial endeavors include logging, mining, and drilling.
The deforestation issue concerning the Amazon Rainforest has been around since the 1940’s til the present day. Ever since the Industrial Revolution the “baby boom,” there has been a massive calling for natural resources such as natural gas and oil. With the technology available today, drilling and oil companies can pin-point large reservoirs of underground natural gas and oil that can be extracted to be put to use for driving the Industrial Revolution, literally. Although deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest has been attempted to be justified by so-called valid reasons, the rapid acceleration of deforestation, specifically in the Amazon Rainforest region, has caused numerous environmental issues.
It is true that our forested areas around the world are slowly…

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