Deforestation: A General Overview Essay

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When most people think of deforestation they think of the rainforest. However, this is an environmental issue that takes place all over the world. In the following pages I will expand on what exactly deforestation means, and why as a world we have a need for it, even though it has adverse effects globally. Deforestation affects our environment by reducing biodiversity, changing the water cycle, affecting soil erosion and also plays a part in the ongoing phenomenon of global warming. Since, this is a global matter, the United Nations has implemented policies to help reduce the damage done by deforestation. The UNREED policy is globally based, while the REED+ policy is nationally based. I will also explain the importance of
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As humans, we have a need for timber, agriculture, grazing lands, and places to put our buildings. These things all contribute to the rate of deforestation. However, we cannot simply stop agriculture, or animals from needing a place to graze. So, it is up to mankind to come together to find a happy medium between the Earth and our needs. Deforestation rates are on the rise. This rise seems to be a directly caused by humans. Deforestation has only began in the last 10,000 years, making its start in Chile and the Mediterranean. However, officials estimate that in the year 2,000 BCE, the world’s forest covered 8 billion hectares. As of 1995, this number has dropped down to 3.45 billion. In Europe, North America, Asia, and South American, humans have played a major role of the rise of deforestation. However, these countries have been making changes to reduce this rate. In Asia and South America, they have abandoned some ancient temple sites, and allowed the forest to regrow. North American and Europe have also taken steps to slow the deforestation rates. It can be argued, that measurements of deforestation do not compensate for the fact that the land areas could regrow forests. For example, in some parts of Asia and South America agricultural land has been abandoned. This allows for forest to regrow. However, if this agricultural land is managed poorly, it can make it impossible for forests to regrow (Oliver & Sedjo, 2008).

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