Definition Essay: Murder

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Murder is considered a serious crime in our country. The loosely defined term of murder implies that a person who kills another human being with intent is known as being the worst kind of violent crime we see in our society. Any unlawful killing requires that a living person be killed and it does not mean that the guilty person feels any hatred or spite in order to plan and execute the act of murder. Moreover, the destructive acts that end peoples lives are classified as homicides which include manslaughter and first and second degree murder. More important, the justice system has put different labels on such crimes, but it also allows room for criminals to get away with murder. A person who's accused of unlawful killing in a court …show more content…
However, manslaughter is distinguished from murder because it implies that their was no intention to kill a person. Therefore, murder is the act of unjustifiably killing another human being with the intention to cause a deadly harm whilst voluntary and involuntary manslaughter imply no forth thought prior to the killing. While it is clear that people who are convicted of involuntary manslaughter receive a lesser sentence than a person convicted of first degree murder, it does not mean that the accused is not guilty of first degree murder. Plea bargaining is a way out for most criminals who decide to confess their story to the authority in order to receive a lesser sentence. The question is often asked although, "Shouldn't the sentence fit the crime"? In a court of law, when a killer negotiates a plea bargain, the sentence often does not fit the crime. For example, On March 16, 2005, William Parrott, 38, was charged with stabbing Wanda Alston. She was the director of the Mayor's Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Affairs, in Washington D.C. Wanda Alston was brutally murdered on that day and what made it even more disturbing was that she knew her attacker and the police said in the report that they were neighbors. Also, the report stated, "Parrot said he had ingested crack

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