Defending Modern Vampires Essay

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Humans have four types of blood A, AB, B, and O. they can either be positive or negative. “Was not until 1901, when the Austrian Karl Landsteiner discovered human blood groups, that blood transfusions became safer.”(Science of Vampires) The differences in human blood “are due to the presence or absence of certain protein molecules called antigens and antibodies.” (Notes) Vampires are monsters that are known for suck out our blood to live. In society we as humans defend want is living and what death is. Vampires do not fit on this line that we have set. Some questions that I will be answering, how as humans we are like vampires? How Cleopatra a normal human by our standard can try and suck the life out of Hans? How Cleopatra is like are …show more content…
Now the one modern vampire people know of is Edward Cullen from book and now movie twilight written in 2005 by Stephenie Meyer. Now vampire like Edward is what I am cumbering to Cleopatra. History of vampires: In “Slayers & Their Vampires” it talks about how the original classic vampire was based and killed off of Christianity. For example holy water can kill Count Dracula (which is water blessed by a priest.) in the book it also talk about how in the 1930 vampires like Count Dracula, many were there to represent the great dispassion and how the people felt like there live was being sucked out of them. Every decade the vampire has changed. “The idea of drinking blood to be immortal is not a foreign one to the human mind. Indians, Greeks and Christians have all had a part in this conception. Drinking the blood of another is sometimes understood as obtaining the "life-blood" of someone else for yourself. Therefore, the idea of the vampire stems from cannibalism, and the concept of putting someone's body inside your own to obtain more life.”(Slayers and Their Vampires) this is very importation because vampires really are now more human like than ever before, so this idea may now be applied to humans. In the book it also talk a lot about how we as people are now making vampires more like humans is because

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