Darwin's Theories vs. The Fossil Record: A Philosophic Challenge

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Did you know the odds of proteins necessary to create a strand of DNA lining up in order naturally are only once in 4x10022 years (Werner 104)? That’s highly improbable! Darwin didn’t anticipate that future discoveries would disprove the fundamental tenants of his theory of evolution. Modern science is repeatedly uncovering evidence that suggests that Darwinian evolution could not be the explanation for life on earth. The theory of evolution, proposed by Darwin, has been increasingly disproved due to its reliance on an implausible claim of spontaneous generation, gaps in the fossil record for which evolution lacks explanations, and contradicting scientific discoveries that overturn concepts upon which evolutionists relied. Spontaneous …show more content…
Head of the Genome Project, Francis Collins, discounts the theory of spontaneous generation as a scientifically unsupportable speculation. He believes that an impersonal organism could not have suddenly evolved, and later transformed into a personal humanity. (Driscoll and Brashears 98) Collins said, “I can’t imagine how nature, in this case the universe, could have created itself” (qtd. in Driscoll and Brashears 98). For evolution to have happened, a large number of organisms would have had to been involved, to be capable of creating an environment habitable for humans (Wells, “Creationism succeeds where Darwinism Fails”). The numerous holes in the proposition of spontaneous generation make it intellectually indefensible.
Evolution argues that life on earth began more than 3.5 billion years ago as a single species, and the early organisms tolerated quick genetic alterations. Nevertheless, considerable research on fossil records does not support this premise. Organisms do indeed change over time, in minor ways, due to genetic mutations and/or in response to their environment. However, the theory of evolution theorized that very dissimilar animals evolved from a common ancestor (Werner 100). Even Darwin, in his own book— On the Origin of Species, recognizes flaws in his theory. In what amounts to a two chapter apology, he acknowledges that his theory doesn’t correspond with

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