Dancing Toward Sucess- Falling Into Reality Essay

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I have the freedom to follow my own ideals, to make my own choices, to express my own morals, and to determine how I want to pursue my happiness. The kind of life I want depends on the kind of person I am - on my character and culture. I ask myself time and again, "how am I going to live a happy life in society today?" This question can be answered differently every day, depending on the events and actions that I take as an adult. An unforgettable experience taught me that making it in society does not always mean being the best.
     When I want something in life, I know that it usually does not come easy. Hard work and dedication is involved. For the past eleven years of my life, I have been a full
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I could not sing-yet I could dance. There was no doubt about that. My conscious told me that I could make it, just how much did I want to test my skills, abilities, and my luck. Just like every other endeavor in life, I have gave it a try. Seeing my name the next day on the cast list was surprising-I made it. I had thoroughly enjoyed the theater that year, so I gave it another shot the following winter. I made the cast for my second consecutive year. I was now a dancer, cheerleader and an actress, as happy as I could have ever been. At this point in my life, I did not see failure as a possibility. I just knew that things were better than they had ever been.
By my junior year in high school, I had performed with the best dance group, with the school’s musical cast, and with the high school cheerleading teams. Times were great. So far, I have always done what I have wanted; I guess I have been lucky.

Although, this past September, my luck died down. Little did I know that fate would turn its corner.
The Michigan State Orchesis Dance Company was hosting tryouts for their yearly performance at the Wharton Center. When my eyes caught glimpse of the flyer, I knew I had to tryout. Stepping out with my jazz shoes again, was just what I needed to feel like I was at home. I never considered the fact that other strong dancers would attend. There were thousands of girls going to school here, and only several spots were open. This did not stop me; my

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